5th KC Kulish Award
Theme: Changemakers
5 Awards of Merit

Merit Awards

Hindustan Times, Patna, Language- English
Team Leader- Arun Kumar
Team Members- Rakesh Singh, Shyamal Das
Title of the story- New MU VC under Vigilance scanner in Jharkhand

Summary- The controversy started in 2010 when two VCs were appointed by the Chancellor in Bihar. One of the VCs was tainted and had a vigilance probe pending against him in Jharkhand.The govt took it seriously and the matter generated a lot of heat. The appointments were challenged in the High Court. HT team carried a series of articles, exploring how lack of clarity in the act regarding appointment of the VCs and absence of provision for search committee was causing all the mess. The stories covered all the developments blow by blow, many of them have been used in the affidavits filed in the court.

The Times of India, Chandigarh, Language- English
Team Leader- Sukhbir Siwach
Team Members- Nitin Sethi, Deepender Deswal
Title of the story- Stories on Haryana's Whistleblower IFS officer

Summary- Series of stories since the harrasment of an IFS officer in Haryana began after he unerthed the irregularities in forest department. He made an adverse comment on top bureaucratsthe and CMO. Upon this he was falsely implicated and charsheeted. The whistleblower approached the President for which also he was further harassed but his struggle ultimately led to quashing of the fabricated chargesheet against him.

Hindustan, Allahabad, Language- Hindi
Team Leader- Daya Shanker Shukla Sagar
Team Members- Devendra Dev Shukla, Dheerendra Shukla
Title of the story- Andhe Dalit ka Dard ( Plight of a Blind Dalit)

Summary- Series of stories on plight of a visually impaired dalit who faced harshest of time after his wife died after delivering a baby, the new born died the next day and 5 yr old son soon after. They all die of hunger and malnutrition as they had no food to eat, and governemnt help and pension never ever reached to them, neither anyone cared. Govt officials tried to hush up the matter, showed that the deaths were not because of starvation but disease. After series of stories, the sufferer got his due and benefit of schemes and people helped him to get back his land also.

Dainik Amravati Mandal, Amravati, Language- Hindi
Team Leader- Jitendra Gulabrao Rode
Team Member - Ramesh Pandit
Title of the story- Irresponsibility squeezing Human Woes

Summary- Paratwada and Achalpur known as twin cities. There are 7 slum area in Paratwada and 20 slums in Achalpur where 56443 people live. In 2008 construction of 965 Gharkuls ( housing for poor) was proposed and sanctioned. Rs. 709.97 lakh were deposited with Municipal Board. But, due to the deadlock in sanctioning money for construction of Gharkuls thousands of families were facing hardships. In their huts they could hardly sleep. A series of stories about their plight led to govt decision to pass all the proposals and poor got their right to live in Gharkuls.

Central Chronicle, Raipur, Language- English
Team Leader- Dinesh Kumar
Team Members- Gitesh Dewangan, M.M. Rahul, Vaibhav Choubey, Dr. Vikas Singh
Title of the story- Irregularities plaguing the Enginnering Colleges in the state

Summary- Irregularities in engineering colleges could not be exposed despite police investigation which colluded with the high and mighty to hush up the matter. Parallel investigation by the newspaper team led to FIR and judicial inquiry into the matter and huge impact.