Awarded Story Amar Ujala Team Leader- Rakesh Sharma Team Member - Nalini Gusain, Gaurav Mishra,Abhishek Singh Title of the story- Inmates sexually assaulted in Nari Niketan, underwent pain of abortion, staff involved.

Summary- Thorough investigation and news coverage done by the team of Amar Ujala exposed the Nari Niketal Staff.The invesitagation revealed that inmates were not only brutally sexually assaulted by government officials, but also borne the pain of undergoing abortion. Since the matter was related to deaf & mute inmates, sign language experts were consulted in order to understand the grievance of the inmates. State govt., District administration and nari niketan staff raised questions and also threatened the team of investigators. Social welfare dept., State women commission, State govt. took cognizance of the report. The inmates of nari niketan openly accepted the alleged role of officials of nari niketan in harassing them.

Merit Awards

Central Chronicle
Team Leader- Dinesh Kumar
Team Members- Gitesh Dewangan
Title of the story- Rumors on social media flare Up communal Tension

Summary- Central Chronicle's exclusive 4 stories saved a juvenile against whom the district collector of durg at the recommendation of durg SP had slapped national security act, but also at the directive of director general of police chhattisgarh police could also compel the local police re-investigate the entire case. Following publication of 4 exclusive reports highlighting the facts and representation made by the parents of Shiekh Yasin before all including the chief justice of chhattisgarh high court and chief justice of India,the state govt refused NSA approval and ordered immediate release of the accused juvenile from durg central jail. Not only that as per directives of the DGP of chhattisgarh police the investigating police are conducting investigation afresh and this time around the main accused is Razza Ahmad and the case against Yasin continues in the juvenile court.

Hindustan Times
Team Leader- Umesh Raghuvanshi
Team Members- Amitabh Maitra, Mohd Arshi Raeique
Title of the story- CJ upset, writes to governor; CM Meets him to Clarify govt's point

Summary- A series of 4 stories help in checking corruption and act as a deterrent to the authority who tried to mislead the supreme court of India on appointment of new lokayukt of UP. The stories nailed the state govt for misleading the apex court in the appointment of new Lokayukta. Misleading the supreme court or misrepresentations of facts before needed to exposed. It would have gone un noticed and lead to oath taking by a lokayukta whose integrity was doubted by none other but the chief justice of the Allahabad High Court. The supreme court of India on Dec 16 2015 ordered appointment of Justice ( Retd Virendra singh ) as the new lokayukta of UP. Within 3 days the oath of new lokayukta ( Scheduled for Dec 20) was differed after the SC heard a petition based on our reports appearing in the Hindustan Times. Our reports gave a detailed account of what went on behind the scenes and how the state govt mislead the SC as it picked Justice Retd Virendra Singh's name from a list 5 on Dec 16, 2015.

Central Chronicle
Team Leader- Dinesh Kumar
Team Member - Gitesh Dewangan
Title of the story- Sitting over a gold mine with a BPL Card

Summary- In a series of more than 50 stories from may 2015 to Nov 2015 the central chronicle team tried to highlight the tribal land scam at durg. Actually a tribal family at durg were the feudal lords with large tracts of land in and around durg village. In records durg is still a village all set to become a smart city. Following publication of exclusive reports highlighting the facts and representation made by the tribal family the chief secretary and director general of police ordered inquiry and now the tribal brothers are awaiting outcome of the inquiry and also have plans to move the honorable high court in chhaittisgarh if justice is denied. The reports and document published by Central Chronicle enabled the tribal family fight the case effectively before the inquiry.

Malayala Manorama
Team Leader-Santhosh John Thooval
Team Members- Rubin joseph
Title of the story- Let these flowers too bloom

Summary- It was for the first time that a Newspaper carried a feature to identify the real issue among children of pesticides affected area of Kasaragod district of kerela. Malayala Manorama's team of journalists traveled trough the length and breath of endosulfan pesticide affected areas to assess the magnitude of the issue. The starting discovery was that around 1000 kids had been affected in the area some going in special schools for disabled and others completely bedridden.

Aaj Samaj
Team Leader- Kunal Verma
Team Member - Kapil Agarwal
Title of the story- Sarkari dhan Khared mein Crore'o Ka Ghotala (Government Paddy procurement scam)

Summary- A series of 9 stories by Aaj Samaj team exposed a crucial issue related to the farmers. The investigation revealed that how the rice milers and govt officials colluded and fooled the poor farmers by buying basmati rice and paid them the rates of normal rice. This was a great loss to the farmers and for govt revenue as well. This investigation done by Aaj Samaj team rang the alarm and the govt. took cognizance in the matter. The impact was significant as the govt formed a team of experts to investigate. This team of experts raided all across the state and setup inquiry against the stocks of rice milers. During the investigation, many officials were suspended when found guilty. Many officials are still undergoing trials. The govt. quoted in the state assembly that in future no such injustice will happen. Action will be taken against the guilty officials and the rice milers.